Industries First! Advanced Drag and Drop Website Builder Designed To Help You Grow Your Business

Build a stunning website with your own custom domain. Link it to a completely automated SMS and Email lead follow up systems with NO 3rd party integrations.

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Build a Beautiful Website

With an advanced drag and drop page builder that can be used by anyone and a wide range of beautiful templates in multiple industries, simply select your site and add your personal touch.

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Set up Your Domain

Find your perfect domain and link it to your website from your Control Panda dashboard. If you have your own domain, simply transfer it to your new site with our 24/7 support staff-FREE.

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Set Up Your Email and SMS Follow Up Systems

Ensure everyone that enquires to do business with you receives an Email and SMS the second they submit an enquiry on your site. You then receive an email and SMS with the leads details for a fast, effective lead follow up process.

Publish leads & sales

Launch Your Site

Within 60 minutes of creating your account you will have a beautiful website that automatically puts you in touch with your customers. This is achieved with no 3rd party integrations all from your Control Panda dashboard.

The world's first page builder that fully automates Email and SMS lead follow up processes with no 3rd party integrations

Powerful Features To Help You Make Money With Your Website

All In One System

Control Panda Page Builder

Choose from our library of premium templates or start with a blank canvas. This is the world's easiest to use drag and drop page builder, giving you the ultimate freedom to create a modern, stunning website with NO coding experience required.

Integrated Voip and Dialer

SEO-Get Found Online

Control Panda's advanced SEO functionality ensures you have the best chance of being found online. With guided SEO outlines and free 24/7 support, we help you optimise your site for ultimate exposure.

Mouse Flow

Mobile Friendly

Edit your website for mobile views to ensure you are giving your users the ultimate experience.With easy view switch functionality in the page builder, you can create a mobile friendly site that's easy to use and perfect for web surfers on the go.

In House Domains

SMS and Email Lead Follow Up Automation

We put you in touch with everyone that enquires to do business with you by instantly sending you an SMS and Email. The person who enquired also receives an SMS and Email from you creating a fast, personalised connection between businesses and their potential customers.

Detailed Reporting

Premium Domains

Find the perfect domain for your business. You can purchase your domain from your Control Panda dashboard, then link it to your website with the click of a button. No 3rd party hosting companies required.

One Click Split Test

Powerful Analytics

Tracking your websites performance has never been easier. Your Control Panda analytics dashboard clearly outlines how users are interacting with your site. No 3rd parties required. Powerful in house solution that helps you get more conversions.

Grow Your Business Online

Most websites don't make money.
The harsh truth is most companies don't know how much income their websites generate or if their even generating new business for them.
This is why we created Control Panda. We have stripped back all the unnecessary features that won't help your business grow.
Control Panda helps you create beautiful websites from pre made templates with an easy to use drag and drop page builder.
And instantly puts you in touch with your customers via email and sms with the click of a button and NO 3rd party integrations.
Making this an industries first all in one platform built for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to help them Actually grow their business.

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How to get started for FREE

Create your new Control Panda website for FREE with these 4 simple steps.

  1. Create a FREE Control Panda account. Then select the industry you work in.
  2. Add your personal touch. Customise your site to show the best of your business.
  3. Link up your automated email and sms enquiry follow systems with the click of a button.
  4. Publish your website.

How would you like to look over the shoulder of every person that visits your website?

Every user of Control Panda gets 100 FREE recordings of FloPanda. FloPanda is our powerful website recording solution.
When your website is live, turn on your recordings and let us do the rest. FloPanda will show you how people behave on your site. No more guesswork. Make specific changes to your website based on how people actually use it.
This information will allow you to make changes to your pages that will increase conversions and ultimately help you make more money.

Free Trial
One Click Split Test

Frequently asked questions about Control Panda

Yes, a member of our support team will transfer your website from your existing platform to Control Panda if it is possible.
This is a complementary service as part of the onboarding process with any premium account.
Yes, a member of our support team will transfer your domain from your existing hosting account to Control Panda. If you still wish to host your domain in your existing hosting account account, our support staff can link the domain to your Control Panda website.
This is a free service for anyone who purchases a premium account.
Yes, we have blank templates where you can build completely custom websites with our page builder.
If you have an idea of what you would like, and would like our team to build you a custom site, our team will do it for as little as $99.00 in 5 days. Prices and time vary based on the size of the build.
There is a free Control Panda account that will host 1 website with a Control Panda domain. You will never be charged for the free account.
Yes, all Control Panda accounts get 100 free recordings with FloPanda. This is our own heat map software that will show you exactly how visitors are behaving on your website.
You can activate your free FloPanda account when you sign up for Control Panda.

Do you have questions?